Mohammadreza Farzad

Blames And Flames
Iran 2011

11.02. 17:30 OmEU Cinema Arsenal 1
12.02. 20:30 OmEU Cinema Arsenal 2

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The history of the Iranian revolution as the history of cinema: In 1978, on the verge of the Islamic revolution, more than 130 cinemas burned down across Iran, including 28 in Tehran. Great strikes, signs of the onset of the revolution, affected cinema at large. The debates also addressed the films as such: which films should be shown, which should be made? Which cinema could or should be abandoned, what did people want and what were they allowed to see? After the cinemas were closed or burned down, the state of things is inverted in Falgoosh. The characters abandon the screen, the people take to the streets and try to direct themselves. And cinema becomes the spectator.

Mohammadreza Farzad, born 1979, lives and works in Tehran. He works as filmmaker, translator, writer, researcher and actor. His film Gom O Gour (Into Thin Air) premiered at Forum Expanded 2011 and has subsequently been shown at many other international festivals.

Format: DVCAM
Running time: 28 min