Paul Geday

Bye Bye
Egypt, Netherlands 2012

14.02. 17:30 OmEU Cinema Arsenal 1
15.02. 21:00 OmEU Cinema Arsenal 2

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In today’s revolutionary Cairo, the filmmaker tries to let go of objects accumulated over generations. He films inside the huge flat that used to belong to his parents, with an interior that dates back to the years preceding yet another revolution. How can he make any decisions in these unsettling times? Familiar objects also have their say.

Paul Geday holds degrees from The American University in Cairo and the London Film School. He has worked as a theater light and set designer and then as a journalist, photo editor, and creative director. Paul was the co-creator of “Cairoscope” and is the conceiver, publisher and art director of the Egypt Almanac. He has curated several successful exhibitions (among these the ongoing “Futuropolis” project) and is on the board of the Contemporary Image Collective (CIC), a founding member of the Art Council of Egypt (ACE), and a member of the newly formed Independent Arts Coalition.

Format: HD
Running time: 5 minutes