Wolfgang Lehmann

Trollsländor med Faglar och Orm
Dragonflies With Birds And Snake
Sweden, Germany 2011

18.02. 15:30 OmEU Cinema Arsenal 1
19.02. 20:30 OmEU Cinema Arsenal 2

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TROLLSLÄNDOR MED FAGLAR OCH ORM is a visual meditation consistiting of vibrant images of insects, birds, snakes, and other small creatures. It is not an entomological or ornithological documentary, yet it delves deep into a microcosm of animals, plants, their colors, intricate structures, and movements, all made visible by means of optical machinery. It is an exercise in rhythm and chance, deploying the persistence of vision to create an effect that oscillates between the material of the image and the imagination, a flicker just like the ephemeral beat of a dragonfly’s wing. For TROLLSLÄNDOR MED FAGLAR OCH ORM Wolfgang Lehmann used 16mm film images of insects, birds, toads, snakes, taken from zoological and educational films, as well as original material. The montage follows a strict rhythm, combing three to six frames, resulting in explosions of color on the screen, visual music without actual sound or text.

Wolfgang Lehmann was born in Freiburg / Breisgau, Germany in 1967. Since 1994 he has realised and produced his own films, many of which have been shown internationally at festivals and in museums. He lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, and occasionally in Rümpel, near Hamburg. Filmography (selection): I DREAM THAT DREAM AGAIN (2011), FAGLAR VID HAVET (BIRDS AT SEA / VÖGEL AM MEER) (2008), LEK (PLAY / SPIEL) 2008, ROUTE TO CAPE TOWN (2005), DER KLANG DES MEERES (with Telemach Wiesinger, 2005), SELBSTBILDNIS ALS AKT; STUDIE NR.2 (2002/03), FONTAINE DE VAUCLUSE (with Florian Krautkrämer, 2001)

Format: 16mm on DigiBeta
Running time: 60 min