February 2009, berlinale forum

The Forum at the Talent Campus

"Hayat var" by Reha Erdem

Once again, several Forum guests are also involved in the Talent Campus program: Raphaël Nadjari, Reha Erdem, the Filmmakers Against Racism project, Michael Snow and Sharon Lockhart will be taking part in various panel discussions. Simon El Habre, Kit Hung and Funahashi Atsushi will be taking part in an alumni event.

Rapahël Nadjari (at the Forum with A History of Israeli Cinema) will form part of the Fatal Attractions – On Chance and Accidents in Cinema panel together with the Nigerian producer Peace Anyima-Osigwe and the Albanian actress Arta Dobrosion on February 9th. The topic of discussion is the role of fate in different cinematic cultures.  Presenter: Dorothee Wenner
14:00, HAU 1

Michael Snow, the renowned artist and experimental filmmaker, will be taking part in the Snow Meets O'Reilly: Please Say Something panel together with young director David O’Reilly also on February 9th. Presenters: Maike Mia Höhne and Stefanie Schulte Strathaus
17:00, HAU 2

The Filmmakers Against Racism will be presenting their project as part of the Talent Campus on February 10th. Dorothee Wenner will lead the discussion with the directors Riaan Hendricks, Omelga Mthiyane, Andy Spitz, Danny Turken, Adze Ugah and Rehad Desai as well as the producer Don Edkins.
14:00, HAU 2

Director Reha Erdem (at the Forum with Hayat var) will be on the Imagining Istanbul panel on 11th February together with Turkish director Yesim Ustaoglu and the producer Loyd Phillips. They will be discussing the various different portrayals of Istanbul in cinema. Presenter: Martina Priessner
11:00 HAU 1

The Happy Returns: The Future After the Campus panel discussion, which also takes place on February 11th gives former Talent Campus participants to talk about making the films now being shown at the festival. Funahashi Atsushi (at the Forum with Deep in the Valley), Simon El Habre (at the Forum with The One Man Village) and Kit Hung (at the Forum with Soundless Wind Chime) will all be taking part.
17:00, HAU 2

The curators Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and Anselm Franke will be holding a discussion with the Forum Expanded artist Sharon Lockhart: Experiments in Fact and Fiction - The Work of Sharon Lockhart on February 12th.
14:00, HAU 2

All of the above events will be held in English or will be translated into English.