February 2009, berlinale forum

"When it was Blue" with Live Accompaniment

The New York artist Jennifer Reeves will be attending the double 16mm projection of her film When it was Blue, which will be accompanied live by the Icelandic musician Skúli Sverisson, at Delphi on February 13th.

When it was Blue is an ode to the beauty of endangered ecosystems. Stacking different layers of photographic material and paintings on top of each other, the film edits together real footage of nature filmed at different times of the year in the USA, Canada, Iceland and Central America to take the viewer on an exciting visual journey. Skúli Sverrisson will be playing music from the film live at the 16mm double projection of the film on February 13th.

When it was Blue at the Delphi Filmpalast on February 13th at 15:00.