February 2009, berlinale forum

Caligari and FIPRESCI Prize for "Love Exposure"

Sono Sion's nearly four hour film Love Exposure has won both this year's Caligari Prize and the FIPRESCI Film Critics' Prize.

The Caligari Jury on why they awarded the prize to Love Exposure:

"Sono Sion’s breathtaking film Love Exposure plunges the audience into a swirling torrent of sights and sounds. This intense film samples formal languages of cinema, motifs from opera, pop, and film history as well as the big feelings of a romantic love story in an always original and frequently ingenious way. It is a work of great art that is also entertaining, and is intelligent and masterful throughout. Love Exposure encourages us to think about the meaning of love, about religion, and about the social nature of our existence - making it more political than most "political" films. The fact that Sono Sion allows himself just under four hours for all this only prolongs our viewing pleasure and gives us another reason to see the film more than once.
We would like to invite all dedicated cinema curators to take up the many ideas this film has to offer and to help make its references to film history and aesthetics come alive for audiences."


The award ceremony took place at the HomeBase Lounge, with the film receiving an additional showing at Kino Arsenal afterwards.

The Caligari Film Prize is sponsored by the Bundesverband kommunale Filmarbeit (Germany’s Federal Association of Kommunale Kinos) and filmdienst magazine. The prize consists of 4000 €, with half of the sum going to the director and the other half going toward distribution costs.

The members of this year’s Caligari Jury are Veit Geldner (Cinémathèque Leipzig), Timothy Simms (Kommunales Kino Freiburg) and Rüdiger Suchsland (film-dienst).

The members of this year's FIPRESCI jury are Enrico Bosten (Germany),
Gulnara Abikejeva (Kazakhstan) and Margit Tönson (Estonia).

Federal Association of Communal Cinemas


Rapid Eye Movies announced a few days ago that they have acquired the rights to distribute "Love Exposure".

Rapid Eye Movies