February 2009, berlinale forum

The "Tagesspiegel" Readers' Prize

The "Tagesspiegel" Readers' Jury has awarded the 3000 Euro prize for the best film in the Forum to Hayat var by Reha Erdem.

The jury on Hayat Var:

"Hayat Var shows different social realities; the portrait of 14 year old Hayat gives us a fascinating insight into a society ruled by men. With humour and in beautiful, sometimes disturbing images the director and his crew contrast the longing for a better, freer world with the often painful reality of daily life on the edge of Istanbul."

The members of the jury: Antje Wilms, Holger Kühne, Gabriele Rohnke, Aline Noack, Philipp Otte, Josef Schlemmer, Carl von Hollen, Gilbert Wolter and Sabine Seidel.

Hayat var will be shown again at CinemaxX 4 on Sunday February 15th at 21:30.