February 2010, berlinale forum

Forum Expanded Talk and Screen: Cinema City

Complementing the exhibition Cinema City at the cinemas Arsenal, Cubix and Delphi, a panel discussion with the initiators of the project and screening will be hold on February 16th.

Cities and cinema are the twins of the 20th century. Though in the first half of the century it was primarily the west that developed and produced cinema, since the 1950s Asian cinema has slowly developed a distinct identity. The postcolonial cities, the vast metropolises and the moving people of the region have evolved a certain discipline which is as much about city narratives as about a distinct cinematic convention of representation. Cinema City is a project to document, archive and re-read these cinema-producing cities through images and narratives within cinema and its impacts and manifestations in the lived world; involving inter-disciplinary and collaborative research, pedagogy and art and media productions. Though the project aims to expand into an archive of post-colonial Asian metropolises that produce cinema, currently the work is being concentrated only on Bombay.

Bombay cinema’s city narratives have portrayed and disseminated many cities – city of desire, city of doom, city of migration, city of identity crisis, city of cosmopolitanism, city of economic fury and overall the city of urbanity. Those in turn impacted on the idea of a ‘modern city’, which is both real and fantasized. While the cinema continuously recreates a city through both its myriad narratives and its high scale production processes, it also issues various requirements for access the citizenship of the ‘Cinema City’. With the classification of this citizenship impersonation is termed as duplicate, aspiration is called struggle, migration is veiled as dream, crowd is named extras and icons are referred to as stars.


Forum Expanded Talk and Screen: Feb. 16th 8 pm Arsenal 2
With Madhusree Dutta, Rohan Sivkumar, Kaushik Bhaumik and Dorothee Wenner, chaired by Nicole Wolf.

Exhibition Arsenal Foyer, Potsdamer Str. 2
daily 11 am - 10 pm

Exhibition Cubix Foyer, Rathausstr. 1
daily 10 am - 10 pm

Exhibition Delphi Foyer, Kantstr. 12 a
daily 3:30 - 10 pm