Björn Speidel

Blinder Fleck
Germany 2012

09.02. 17:30 Arsenal Cinema 1
10.02. 22:00 Arsenal Cinema 2

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Blinder Fleck is an experimental film that shines an examining light on itself. During its production, the film was subjected to numerous inversions. Using photo negatives, individual frames from the film were exposed on black-and-white reversal material, then painted and copied back positive. The central graphic element is a polyhedron, turning on its own axis, a rhombohydronal chunk. 
Invisible at first, its reflective surfaces eventually appear as pure light; these surfaces reflect black over and over again, and images of a family start to appear. Is the white noise the image or its framing? Does the light give rise to the shadows, or does it radiate into the shadows? And what does the blind spot say about a family? 

Björn Speidel, born 1976 in Hamburg, lives and works in Berlin. 

Format: 16mm
Running time:  6–12 min (at 12–24 frames/sec)