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Aside from health care and education, housing was one of the main pillars of the revolution in Cuba. Due to the perpetual lack of living quarters, the “Microbrigadas” were set up in 1971. Until today these construction units continue to build their own multi-story apartment blocks as well as community buildings all over Cuba. Images of architecture, archival material, and interviews are combined into an experimental collage about this phenomenon of a revolutionary modernity.

Lisa Schmidt-Colinet and Alexander Schmoeger are architects and live in Vienna,
Florian Zeyfang is an artist and filmmaker from Berlin. Since 2001 Schmidt-Colinet/Schmoeger and Florian Zeyfang have collaborated on exhibitions and projects. Together with Eugenio Valdés Figueroa they published “Pabellón Cuba,” an extensive reader on art, architecture, and film in Cuba.

Format: HD video
Running time: 30 min

Funded by:

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