Isabella Rossellini

USA, Germany, France 2013

09.02. 21:30 EV Delphi Filmpalast
11.02. 14:45 EV Arsenal Cinema 1
16.02. 21:30 EV Arsenal Cinema 2

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Mammas is the sequel to Rosselini’s directorial debut Green Porno, which was presented at the Forum Expanded in 2008. In charming animal portraits, Isabella Rossellini researches how animals care for their young. She humorously stages, plays, writes, and slips into the role of an animal mother, examining the maternal instinct in the animal world.

Isabella Rosselini, born in Rome in 1952, lives and works in the USA. At this year’s Berlin International Film Festival she will by honored with a Berlinale Camera. 

Format: HD
Running time: 21 min
Script and director: Isabella Rossellini
Art direction, stage design, props, and costumes: Jean Hugues de Chatillon
Camera: Frédéric Martial Wetter; music: Marc Chouaran
Production: Sundance Channel, Premiere Heure, ZDF/arte