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A fairy is invited to lunch by Gertrude Stein, and suddendly changes worlds. The film is based on Olivier Cadiot‘s short novel Fairy Queen from 2002. Prim transposes Cadiot’s eclectic writing style into a genuine cinematic format, projecting the text’s gaps and leaps into a multi-dimensional scene, which keeps unfolding itself seemingly indefinitely. Following Prim’s last films Mademoiselle Else (2010) and La Rouge et la Noire (2011, Forum Expanded 2012), Lunch with Gertrude Stein is yet another confrontation, at once playful and warlike, between a young filmmaker and her elders. With appearances by the filmmaker’s sister, Camille Prim, activist and writer Isabelle Saint-Seans, Olivier Cardot, and the pop singer Christophe, famous for his 1970s hits “Aline” and “Les mots bleus.” 

Isabelle Prim, born in Paris in 1984, lives and works in Paris.

Format: HD
Running time: 44 min

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