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A person of undefined gender and ethnicity is sent by a German cultural institution to a city in China, where s/he experiences a cruel conspiracy against her/his loved one. The film reconstructs an archetypical story while letting its own shell become a paradox of seeming transparencies.
The title is an ironic reference to Daniel Dennet’s concept of “Cartesian Theater.” 

Lior Shamriz, born 1978 in Ashkelon (Israel), studied film at the Jerusalem Film School and media at the University of the Arts, Berlin. His works have been shown at numerous international film festivals and include: Return Return (2010, 5th Forum Expanded ), Saturn Returns (2009), Japan Japan (2006/7).

Format: HD Video
Running time: 18 min
Cinematography, editing, voice-over: Lior Shamriz
Mix: Assaf Gidron, Jochen Jezussek
Production: spektakulativ pictures
Commissioned by the CdK Hangzhou/Berlin

Funded by:

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