Sandy Amerio

France 2012

10.02. 15:00 OmEU Arsenal Cinema 1
11.02. 19:15 OmEU Arsenal Cinema 2

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Feeling deprived of his status and confronted with a fear of his own disappearance, a man tries to renew links with his vital forces and lost faith, through the incantation of a parallel heroic tale. 
At the very heart of the aesthetic of archival films and in particular their televisual reinterpretation, Sandy Amerio expresses the possibility of a vertiginous return of the Second World War into the present. At the surface a documentary, Dragooned deploys hypnotic magic, an emotional trap where the rituals of fiction colonize reality.

Sandy Amerio, born 1973 in Paris, lives and works in Berlin and Paris. She studied video at the Visual Art School of Nantes, and film directing at Le Fresnoy, Paris. She has shown her films and videos worldwide and is currently working on the development of her first full-length film.

Format: HD Video
Runningtime: 45 min