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Three grids are placed along the Credit River in rural Ontario. They become devices through which the stationary camera, pointing upstream, delineates the landscape. They motivate the movement of the zoom, which intensifies our sense of the field of view, narrowing vision and flattening space. The river, framed momentarily, flows past. “Often combining a careful concern with the apparatus and a high degree of formal rigour with thoughtful attention to social reality and history, Kennedy’s films examine the interpenetration of a kind of phenomenology – how the things of the world appear to consciousness – with the material possibilities of film.” (Scott Birdwise)

Chris Kennedy, born in 1977 in Easton, Maryland, is an independent filmmaker, film programmer and writer based in Toronto.

Format: 16mm
Running time: 10 minutes
Financial assistance provided by the Toronto Arts Council.

Funded by:

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