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Spectrum Reverse Spectrum is a cameraless film made by exposing 70mm print stock to precisely calibrated colored light in a film printer, resulting in a uniform field of color with no frame lines. Moving gradually through the visible light spectrum from violet to red, then back to violet, the colors’ relative densities and durations follow those in the spectrum itself. Symmetrical in its construction, it is the same film shown starting from either end and is not rewound between screenings. The subjective effects of the film, causing different viewers to perceive the film differently, enhanced by the size and brilliance of its being in 70mm, make you aware of the act of watching and so remind you of the body you inhabit.

Margaret Honda, born in 1961, USA, is an artist based in Los Angeles.

Running time
:20 minutes
Technical advisor:Vince Roth, FotoKem, Burbank, CA.

Funded by:

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