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A current runs underneath. It creeps under the door, makes its way into the cracks, revealing, obfuscating or breaking as clouds in the sky. Mountain, cave, river, forest and trap door; martial gestures, reiterated, stripped and rendered. A storm blows through. Here, the surfaces of set-constructions are offered for our attachments. “A strange yet familiar sense of place dominates Shambhavi Kaul‘s deceptively disorienting and visually entrancing Mount Song. As a wild, foreboding gust courses through the night, a subdued elegance is brought forth from past cinema spectacles, whose generic albeit highly suggestive set constructions remain lodged in our imaginary.” (Andrea Picard)

Shambhavi Kaul was born in Jodhpur, India. She lives in works in Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Format: HD
Running time: 9 minutes

Funded by:

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