Lyusya Matveeva

Vyshyvalshitsa / Embroideress
Russian Federation 2014

12.02. 17:15 Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg
13.02. 18:00 Arsenal 1

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Five short stories – ‘Helicopter,’ ‘Sunday,’ ‘Doggie-Photographer,’ ‘Mausoleum,’ and ‘Apocalypses’ – united by one general action: like the goddesses of fate in the Ancient Greek myth, the author embroiders these stories, spinning the thread of human life.
“I had five dreams about myself, my memories, about my routines and ambitions, about the things that terrify me. And of course you can’t leave out the environment, the history and the political situation. At the end of the film when I finish embroidering, the computer starts to erase the memory. What does that mean — to erase your memory year by year? This dream is still a mystery for me…” (Lyusya Matveeva)

Lyusya Matveeva, also known as Liudmila Zinchenko, born in Tver Oblast in 1964, is a photographer and artist living and working in Moscow, Russia.

: QuickTime ProRes,
Running time: 21 min
Language: Russian