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What We Left Unfinished

“What we left unfinished” is a long-term research, film, and dialogue project centered around five unfinished Afghan feature films shot, but never edited, between 1978 and 1992: years that encompass the Afghan Communist coup d’état, attempted reforms that met bitter rural resistance, a series of internal purges and assassinations, the Soviet invasion and withdrawal, a five-year attempt at national reconciliation, the handover of power to a mujahedin coalition, and finally dissolution into civil war. From the unfinished films commissioned, produced, and canceled by various iterations of the Afghan state during various moments of the Afghan Communist project, we can reconstruct not the truths, precisely, of how the state existed and acted in those moments, but rather its most important fictions: its desires and fears, ambitions and ghosts. In the imaginary presented by most finished films of the period, we see the ideal People’s Democratic Republic that could have been, but wasn’t; in the unfinished films, the reality – a utopian project secured by violent force – lingers like a shadow, just barely concealed behind allegories and codes.

Mariam Ghani’s work spans video, installation, performance, photography, writing, and frequently turns on memory, history, language, loss, and reconstruction.
Latif Ahmadi is the director of the long-unfinished films INQILABI SAWR (1978) and GOMASHTA (1990–92).

The presentation will be held in English language.

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