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A sunny afternoon. This moment belongs to Izadora alone, bursting into thousands of seconds, or extending one split second to infinity. In this moment, everything is possible. A scenario written by herself, or another self of her, for herself. A girl turning into a woman, a powerful female apparition who has lived ever before and will live forever. Moving forward, turning back. Izadora, listening to versions of herself.

Merle Kröger, born in 1967 in Germany, is a filmmaker and writer. She is the author of four novels, co-director at the Professional Media Master Class in Halle (Saale), and teaches project development.
Izadora Nistor, born in 2002 in France, is a student at a ‘Welcome Class’ in Berlin. In 2014, she received her first camera and has since created lots of videos and photos. Izadora Nistor met Merle Kröger and Philip Scheffner in 2011 in Fața Luncii, Romania. They have been collaborating on films and video art since 2014.
Philip Scheffner, born in 1966 in Homburg an der Saar, Germany, lives in Berlin, where he works as an artist and filmmaker. He runs the production platform pong alonside Merle Kröger, Alex Gerbaulet, and Caroline Kirberg.

Production: pong Film GmbH, Berlin
Screenplay: Merle Kröger, Izadora Nistor, Philip Scheffner
Camera: Merle Kröger, Izadora Nistor, Philip Scheffner

Format: single-chanel video installation, color
Running time: 8 min
Language: Without dialog

© Merle Kröger, Izadora Nistor, Philip Scheffner

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