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It was the summer of 1975 when the Akademie der Künste in Tiergarten was used as a Forum venue for the first time. Now in its sixth decade, Werner Düttmann’s building has lost none of its charm, which Heinz Emigholz captures in a series of photos he took for us. The 47th Forum is showing four new films by the director. A conversation about architecture, photography, self-referential filmmaking and bringing the background to the fore.

The Sensory Ethnography Lab was founded a decade ago and hasn’t just re-defined ethnographic film, but also poses a more fundamental question: is this documentary? Two new works from this context are showing at this year’s Forum.

The theme of the fifth “Think Film” conference is “Archival Constellations”. On archives as time machines and the non-simultaneity of knowledge.

The New Argentine Cinema used to be on everyone’s lips. This movement was a suitable breeding ground for the three films from Argentina showing at this year’s Forum, even though they’re as much global as they are Argentinian. Do national categories even make sense anymore? Some thoughts from Buenos Aires.

Fernando Birri's ORG is a monstrous, nearly three-hour long film which has only been screened extremely rarely since its 1979 premiere. After all these years, it remains a mystery about which so much more can be said and written.

16mm film is still going from strength to strength. Filmmaker Deborah Stratman talks about working with “transparent flammable plastic” and the connection between Maltese crosses and string theory.

Forget what Aristoteles said! The most dramatic moment of a film is the casting, not the catharsis. At castings, it’s not just acting that’s put to the test, but rather existence itself.

The Forum Expanded programme doesn’t look to the stars but rather brings its gaze back down to Earth. Anselm Franke on Adorno, perpetrators who behave like victims and art that finds a language to articulate reality

Ahmed Bouanani faced numerous problems in getting across his vision of an artistic Moroccan cinema. He made only one feature and a handful of shorts, yet his influence is still considerable. Ali Essafi describes the odyssey of this cinematic pioneer and his significance for today.

Four films showing at the Forum and Forum Expanded grapple with archive film images of revolutions, whether real or imaginary, still germinating or already failed. Cinema constructs and deconstructs myths in equal measure.

Christoph Terhechte