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Film installation, 2182 min. silent.

6144 x 1024 is a digital projection generated by a program that creates each frame in real time. The succession of frames, each a single color, defines the surface of the color space used by the projector. Working with 6,144 color steps and 1,024 lightness steps, the maximum quantities for this projector’s color space, the program generates over three million frames, every one a unique color. Shown at 24 frames per second, this version of the work runs 36 hours 22 minutes 2 seconds. The work’s title, appearance, and length are not fixed. All are determined by the limitation on the number of colors a projector can produce. As digital projectors advance, the program will generate more colors, so the number of frames and the running time will increase, and the title will reflect the greater capacities of larger color spaces. The work can only be shown by projection.
6144 x 1024 will be screened in its entirety divided among successive evenings over the course of the festival.

Margaret Honda, born in 1961 in San Diego, USA, is an artist based in Los Angeles. Her work in film and sculpture examines the status of materials and the malleability of production protocols. Her films have screened in festivals and been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions worldwide. After Spectrum Reverse Spectrum in 2014, this is her second participation in Forum Expanded.

Production James Bae. Production company Grice Bench (Los Angeles, USA). Director Margaret Honda.


2014: Spectrum Reverse Spectrum (21 min., forum expanded 2014). 2015: Wildflowers (Fleurs Sauvages) (3 min.), Color Correction (101 min.). 2017: 6144 x 1024.

Photo: © Margaret Honda

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