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23 min. Arabic, French.

A yearning in an unsettled space that, once, was shared and breathed by two cineastes, living in two different cities, trying to sustain their longing through each other’s scattered images, sounds, and monologues, pieced together in one film, one dialogue, one soul flown away by loneliness and fallen apart like a forsaken angel.
Aala kad al shawk – Le Voyage immobile (or As Far as Yearning) is that dialogue-in-progress taking the shape of a film composed by sound, performed by words, perforated by images still in motion. Ghassan Salhab and Mohamed Soueid are embracing a sense of survival. This film is a sixth sense they nurtured in a world that has become faceless. Their film essay is a personal attempt to be two in one. Disguised as men, they walk among men who left behind their shadows.

Mohamed Soueid, born in 1959 in Beirut, Lebanon, is a writer, director, and producer. He is currently the head of the documentary department at Al Arabiya News Channel. He has directed several films and written three books: “Postponed Cinema - Lebanese Films During the Civil War” (1986); “O Heart - A Film Autobiography On The Late Movie Theatres Of Old Beirut” (1996), and the novel “Cabaret Souad” (2004).

Ghassan Salhab was born in Dakar, Senegal, in 1958. In addition to making his own films, he collaborates on screenplays in Lebanon and France. He also teaches film in Lebanon. Ghassan Salhab has also published his texts and articles in various magazines. In 2012, he published his first anthology, Fragments du livre du naufrage.

Production Mohamed Soueid, Ghassan Salhab. Production companies Mohamed Soueid (Beirut, Lebanon), Ghassan Salhab (Beirut, Lebanon). Directors Mohamed Soueid, Ghassan Salhab. Director of photography Mohamed Soueid, Ghassan Salhab. Editing Ghassan Salhab, Carine Doumit. Music Modelselektor, J-Dilla, Om Kalsoum, Heidika, N. Simone. Sound design Ghassan Salhab. Sound mixer Rana Eid. Sound Mohamed Soueid, Ghassan Salhab.


Mohamed Soueid: 1998: Tango of Yearning (70 min.). 2000: Nightfall (68 min.). 2002: Civil War (84 min.). 2007: The Sky Is Not Always Above (95 min.). 2008: My Heart Beats Only For Her (87 min.). 2009: How Bitter My Sweet (90 min.). 2011: A Spell of Absence (90 min.). 2013: Hanging Dates Under Aleppo’s Citadel (90 min.). 2017: Aala kad al shawk - Le Voyage immobile / As Far As Yearning.

Ghassan Salhab: 1986: La clef (15 min.). 1991: Après la mort (21 min.), L’autre (10 min.). 1994: Afrique fantôme (21 min.). 1998: Beyrouth fantôme (116 min.). 1999: De la séduction (with N. Khoder, 32 min.). 2000: La rose de personne (10 min.), Baalbeck (with Akram Zaatari and Mohamed Soueid, 56 min.). 2002: Terra incognita (120 min.). 2003: Mon corps vivant, mon corps mort (14 min.). 2004: Narcisse perdu (15 min.). 2005: Brêve rencontre avec Jean-Luc Godard, ou le cinéma comme métaphore (40 min.). 2006: Le dernier homme / The Last Man (101 min.), Temps mort (7 min.). 2007: (Posthume) (28 min.). 2009: 1958 (66 min.). 2011: La Montagne / The Mountain (80 min.). 2015: Al-wadi / The Valley (134 min., forum 2015). 2017: Aala kad al shawk - Le Voyage immobile / As Far As Yearning.

Photo: © Mohamed Soueid, Ghassan Salhab

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