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The augmented [archive] – a mobile video archive for Cairo and other contested urban spaces – is a digital art project, an iOS and Android app. As a growing, expanding archive, a topography of the possible, a map of fragments from a city’s manifold presents, the project takes the form of a spatial narrative, functioning like a speculative archaeological tool, leading you through real and virtual ruins of the past, present, and future of the city and its imaginary expansions.

Kaya Behkalam is a visual artist, filmmaker, and writer, living in Berlin and Cairo.

All panels, talks, and presentations in English.

Photo: Augmented [Archive] with the virtual ruin of the now demolished, burning NDP building in Downtown Cairo © Kaya Behkalam

Funded by:

  • Logo Minister of State for Culture and the Media
  • Logo des Programms NeuStart Kultur