november 2018, berlinale forum

Cinema Release "An Elephant Sitting Still"

arsenal distribution is releasing AN ELEPHANT SITTING STILL by Hu Bo as of November 15.

The film, which received its world premiere as part of this year's Forum programme where it won the FIPRESCI award, was praised by audiences and critics alike and has been shown and awarded at numerous international film festivals since.

Tragically, Hu Bo does not live to see the success of his directorial debut, as he took his own life at the age of 29 after completing the film.

november 2018, berlinale forum

"Aggregat" awarded in Duisburg

AGGREGAT (AGGREGATE) by Marie Wilke has received the „Carte Blanche“ Nachwuchspreis (Young talents award) of the Federal State of Nordrhein-Westfalen at this year's Duisburger Filmwoche. The jury members were Alejandro Bachmann, Pepe Danquart, Matthias Dell, Antje Ehmann, Tereza Fischer and Lena Stölzl.

AGGREGAT had its world premiere at this year's Berlinale Forum and was shown at many festivals since.

october 2018, berlinale forum

Forum Films at Duisburg

Five Films from this year's Forum programme can be seen at the forthcoming Duisburger Filmwoche: AGGREGAT (AGGREGATE) by Marie Wilke, DEN’ POBEDY by Sergei Loznitsa, SPK KOMPLEX (SPK COMPLEX) by Gerd Kroske, UNAS PREGUNTAS by Kristina Konrad and WALDHEIMS WALZER (THE WALDHEIM WALTZ by Ruth Beckermann.

The 42. Duisburger Filmwoche will take place from November 5-11.

october 2018, berlinale forum

Out Now: "Waldheims Walzer"

Following its cinema release in Austria, WALDHEIMS WALZER (THE WALDHEIM WALTZ by Ruth Beckermann can be seen in cinemas across Germany as of October 4.

The film received its world premiere as part of this year's Forum programme and was screend and awarded at many international film festivals since.

september 2018, berlinale forum

The Forum in Brussels

As part of the “German Film Festivals on Tour” program, the Brussels Goethe Institute and the BOZAR Cinema are presenting a selection of seven Berlinale Forum films, curated and introduced by Birgit Kohler. The titles on display are CASTING by Nicolas Wackerbarth, as well as BICKELS and DIESTE by Heinz Emigholz from the 2017 programme, and PREMIÈRES SOLITUDES (YOUNG SOLITUDE), AGGREGAT (AGGREGATE) by Marie Wilke and WALDHEIMS WALZER (THE WALDHEIM WALTZ) by Ruth Beckermann from this year's Forum programme.

The filmmakers Nicolas Wackerbarth, Claire Simon, Heinz Emigholz and Ruth Beckermann will be present.

september 2018, berlinale forum

Forum Films at the Dokfilmwoche Kreuzberg

The sixth edition of the Dokfilmwoche Kreuzberg, that takes place from August 30. September 5 at Berlin's fsk cinema 3, will showcase two films from this year's Forum programme: Claire Simon's PREMIÈRES SOLITUDES (YOUNG SOLITUDE) and YOURS IN SISTERHOOD by Irene Lusztig. Also on display are new films by Frederik Wiseman, Volker Köpp and Claude Lanzmann, who showed previous works also at the Forum.


august 2018, berlinale forum

"Wild Relatives" by Jumana Manna

After its successful screening as part of this year's Forum programme, Arsenal is showing a new cut of WILD RELATIVES by Jumana Manna on August 30.

The film loosely links together different narratives and biographies, opening up a space to reflect on biodiversity, resilience, global justice and climate change, as well as disasters caused by human hand and the ambivalent efforts made to overcome them. We are delighted to welcome Jumana Manna for the screening.


august 2018, berlinale forum

Guest: DAAD Grantholder João Viana

Portuguese filmmaker João Viana (*1966) is currently the guest of the DAAD’s Artists in Berlin program. On August 28, he will present his two features, both of which received their world premieres at the Berlinale Forum.

In them he deals with the effects of colonial history on the post-colonial present in Africa in a formally idiosyncratic manner. In A BATALHA DE TABATÔ (The Battle of Tabatô, 2013), a former solder travels with his daughter to the village where her marriage to a musician is supposed to take place. The journey through Guinea-Bissau is overshadowed by demons of the past that haven’t left the old man in peace since the civil war. OUR MADNESS (2018) also operates with magnificent visual compositions in black and white and red. A woman from Mozambique finds her husband and son after fleeing from a psychiatric institution. Yet both of them disappear again and again, just like the strange hospital bed airplane and the statue of wire she comes across. A dreamlike film akin to a trance, with the characteristics of post-trauma.

july 2018, berlinale forum

FID Marseille: Awards for "An Elephant Sitting Still" and "La casa lobo"

AN ELEPHANT SITTING STILL by Hu Bo received the GNCR Prize (Prix du Groupement National des Cinémas de Recherche) at the International Film Festival Marseille.

LA CASA LOBO (THE WOLF HOUSE) by Joaquín Cociña and Cristóbal León got a Special Mention by the same jury.

Both films premiered as part of this year's Forum programme where they also received major awards: AN ELEPHANT SITTING STILL was awarded by the FIPRESCI jury and LA CASA LOBO won the Caligari Award.

july 2018, berlinale forum

"Waldheims Walzer" at Berlinale Summer Spotlight

The Berlinale Summer Spotlight will be showing selected films of this year's festival in open air screenings at Freiluftkino Friedrichshain from July 19-22.

The Forum's pick is WALDHEIMS WALZER (THE WALDHEIM WALTZ) by Ruth Beckermann, screening on July 20. The film, which premiered as part of this year's Forum programme and received the Berlinale Documentary Award, has been screened and praised at many international film festivals since. Anke Leweke, member of the Forum selection committee, will present the film.

june 2018, berlinale forum

Guest: DAAD Grantholder Davi Pretto

The Brazilian filmmaker Davi Pretto (*1988) is currently the guest of the DAAD's Artists-in-Berlin program. In his two feature-length films, both of which showed at the Forrum, documentary observation, mise-en-scene and fictional elements are connected and in both he works with amateur actors and different guises of genre. CASTANHA (2014) depicts the actor and transvestite João Carlos Castanha, whose best years are behind him. He lives with his mother on a middle-class estate. In the evenings, he performs in gay bars. Details from his everyday life are juxtaposed with elements of fantasy and the visualization of memories. RIFLE (2016), which is set in the deserted expanses of southern Brazil, borrows from the road movie, western and thriller genres. A taciturn former soldier is employed to protect the estate of a smallholder, resorting to drastic measures when a big agricultural corporation makes a bid to buy the land.

The two feature films plus two short films can be seen at Kino Arsenal on June 27 and 28.

june 2018, berlinale forum

The Arsenal Board of Directors to Take On the Interim Leadership of the 2019 Forum

The board of directors of Arsenal, which consists of Milena Gregor, Birgit Kohler and Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, is to take on the interim leadership of the 2019 Forum. With the support of the long-standing team, the three of them will carry out the leadership tasks for the 2019 Forum and thus also further emphasise the constitutive connection between Arsenal and the Forum.

june 2018, berlinale forum

Out Now: "Aus einem Jahr der Nichtereignisse" ("From a Year of Non-Events")

AUS EINEM JAHR DER NICHTEREIGNISSE (FROM A YEAR OF NON-EVENTS) by Ann Carolin Renninger and René Frölke is being released theatrically by Wolf Berlin as of June 14. A premiere with the filmmakers present will take place on June 13.

As the seasons change, the film paints a portrait of the everyday life Willi who is almost 90 years old and lives alone on a farm in northern Germany. It’s also a visual essay on the cycle of life, as the camera observes nature, captures fruit and flowers in bloom in all their glory. Textures equally come to the fore: the cat’s fur, the pattern on the coffee service, the structure of a marzipan cake; at times the camera photographs apples or plastic garden chairs as if they were still lifes. The images transcend mere depiction – they contain a feeling of evanescence, which is enhanced by the fragility of the Super-8 and 16-mm material used to film them. Even the black screens that appear when the reels are changed reveal the passage of time. (Birgit Kohler)

june 2018, berlinale forum

Cinema release: "El mar la mar"

arsenal distribution is releasing EL MAR LA MAR by Joshua Bonnetta and J.P. Sniadecki from June 7, accompanied by the Caligari Award tour. The film, a cinematographic exploration of the Sonora desert between Mexico and the United States, premiered as part of the 2017 Forum, where it received the Caligari Award. It masterfully weaves together 16 mm shots of nature and weather phenomena, animals, people and the tracks they leave behind with a polyphonic soundtrack, creating a multi-faceted panorama of a highly politicised stretch of land, a film poem that conjures up the ocean.


may 2018, berlinale forum

Section head change for Berlinale Forum

Christoph Terhechte will vacate his position as director of the Berlinale Forum in July of 2018. He was appointed to the Forum selection committee in 1997, and in June of 2001 he took over the Forum director’s position from Ulrich Gregor, founder of the section, which has been presented by the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art since 1971. Terhechte has also been a member of the Berlinale Competition selection committee since 2002. Christoph Terhechte now wishes to take on new career challenges.

may 2018, berlinale forum

IndieLisboa: Awards for „Our Madness“, „Drvo“ and „An Elephant Sitting Still“

OUR MADNESS by João Viana has received the Award for Best Portuguese Feature Film at IndieLisboa. André Gil Mata was awarded Best Director for his film DRVO (TREE). And AN ELEPHANT SITTING STILL by Hu Bo received the Universities Award.

All three films had their world premieres as part of this year's Forum programme.

april 2018, berlinale forum

Out Now: "SPK Komplex" (SPK Complex)

Gerd Kroske's SPK KOMPLEX (SPK Complex) can be seen in selected cinemas as of April 19.

The film, which premiered as part of this year's Forum programme, examines a little known chapter in West German history in impressive, unpretentious fashion. A precise picture of the social climate leading up to the German Autumn emerges from painstakingly researched documents as well as from conversations with former SPK members.

Gerd Kroske will be presenting his film personally in some places, e.g. in Berlin's fsk cinema on April 21 and at the Wolf cinema on April 24.

april 2018, berlinale forum

Cinema Release: "Spell Reel"

In 2011, an archive of film and audio material re-emerged in Guinea-Bissau that documented the liberation struggle against the colonial power Portugal (1963 - ’74). SPELL REEL (Germany/Portugal 2017) by Filipa César is the result of a multi-layered research and digitalization project in cooperation with the Guinean filmmakers and liberation fighters Sana na N’Hada and Flora Gomes. After studying film in Cuba in the early 1960s, the two began using the camera as an observer. The material that was found again was digitalized by Arsenal, to then be screened in various places, commented, discussed and newly imagined. An itinerant, transnational cinema has made the archive into a place between remote villages in Guinea-Bissau and European capitals, where people search for alternatives to a world in upheaval.

SPELL REEL, which premiered as part of the Forum 2017, opens April 12 in the cinemas. We will be previewing it at Arsenal on April 10th in the presence of the director and other guests. We will present other film materials and there will also be a Q&A. There will be further screenings at Neukölln’s Wolf Kino on 11.4 and on 13.4 in Wedding’s Archive Kabinett where the book “Luta ca caba inda. Time Place Matter Voice. 1967–2017” will also be presented.

april 2018, berlinale forum

The Forum in Paris

Like every year, the Goethe Institute in Paris is showing a selection of Forum titles as part of the "La Berlinale à Paris" series.

The series' opening film on April 11 is CASTING by Nicolas Wackerbarth (Germany 2017) followed by AUFBRUCH (DEPARTURE) by Ludwig Wüst (Austria 2018) on April 12. 11x14 by James Benning (USA 1977) and AGGREGAT (AGGREGATE) by Marie Wilke (Germany 2018) can be seen on April 26. On April 27 Sergei Losnitza's DEN' POBEDY (VICTORY DAY) (Deutschland 2018) will be presented by Birgit Kohler.

april 2018, berlinale forum

Cinéma du Réel: Grand Prix for "L. Cohen"

L. COHEN by James Benning has received the CINÉMA DU RÉEL GRAND PRIX at the International Documentary Festival in Paris. The work, which premiered as part of this year's Forum Expanded programme, shows a farm field in Oregon on a very special day.

march 2018, berlinale forum

New Visions Award for "Wild Relatives" at CPH:DOX

WILD RELATIVES by Jumana Manna has received the New Visions Award at Copenhagen's Documentary Film Festival CPH:DOX. The film which premiered in this year's Forum programme, loosely links together different narratives and biographies in Lebanon, Syria and Norway, opening up a space to reflect on biodiversity, resilience, global justice and climate change, as well as disasters caused by human hand and the ambivalent efforts made to overcome them.

february 2018, berlinale forum

Forum Repeat Screenings

As always, the Arsenal Cinema will be screening a selection of this year's Forum titles over the coming week: AN ELEPHANT SITTING STILL by Hu Bo, DEN' POBEDY (VICTORY DAY) by Sergei Losnitza, DIE TOMORROW by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, DJAMILIA (JAMILIA) by Aminatou Echard, PREMIÈRES SOLITUDES (YOUNG SOLITUDE) by Claire Simon and L. COHEN by James Benning.

february 2018, berlinale forum

Glashütte Documentary Award for "Waldheims Walzer"

WALDHEIMS WALZER by Ruth Beckermann has received the festival's main Documentary Award. This prize for the best documentary film is endowed with € 50,000, funded by Glashütte Original. A total of 18 documentary entries from the current programmes of the Competition, Panorama, Forum, Generation, Berlinale Special and Perspektive Deutsches Kino sections as well as the Culinary Cinema special series were nominated. The jury consisted of Cíntia Gil, head of Portugal's biggest doumentary festival Docliboa, German filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger and the US-american journalist and filmmaker Eric Schlosser.

february 2018, berlinale forum

The Prizes of the Independent Juries

The independent juries of the Berlinale have awarded prizes to another two Forum films: The Conféderation Internationale des Cinémas D'Art et Essai (C.I.C.A.E.) awarded TEATRO DE GUERRA (THEATRE OF WAR) by Lola Arias, which also received the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. L'EMPIRE DE LA PERFECTION (IN THE REALM OF PERFECTION) by Julien Faraut was given the Award of the Tagesspiegel Readers' Jury.

february 2018, berlinale forum

Caligari Prize for "La casa lobo"

LA CASA LOBO by Cristóbal León und Joaquín Cociña receives this year's Caligari Award. The jury members were Margarete Wach (film-dienst), Vanessa Elges (Kommunales Kino Saarbrücken) and Peter Link (Kommunales Kino Lingen)

Here is what they said: A venture into the unknown is always an adventure and requires courage. Associated e-motions are moving, let dreams come alive and traumata digest. Permanence opens

up everlasting metamorphoses rich in detail. Impermanence even takes place in alleged stops.

Layers of abstraction offer another kind of historical and political occurrences. Lullabies such as „Sleep Child’s Sleep“ supplementary inspire rumination. A fascination initiated by the variation of Castilian- and German-speaking storylines, a mingling of fairy tales and 10,000ends of individual frames in breathtaking stop-trick with various materials develops a pulling effect for the view in: : LA CASA LOBO.

february 2018, berlinale forum

FIPRESCI Award for "An Elephant Sitting Still"

This year's FIPRESCI prize goes to AN ELEPHANT SITTING STILL by Hu Bo, a honour which its director is sadly unable to accept. After completing the film, Hu Bo took his own life at the age of 29. The jury members were Ahmed Muztaba Zamal, Carlota Mosegui und Teresa Vena.

january 2018, berlinale forum

Forum Special Screenings

The Forum now completes its programme with a series of special screenings committed to an alternative view of film historiography.

Since its foundation in 1971, the Forum has always shone a spotlight on historical films too, shaking the foundations of a cinematic canon whose main interest lies in feature films from Western Europe and North America. This year’s programme once again stands in opposition to such views and is dedicated to cinema from Africa, documentary and experimental film, “anti-cinema” films and salacious b-movies and “dirty” films.


january 2018, berlinale forum

Forum 2018: In the Realm of Perfection and Elsewhere

This year, Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art is putting on the Forum as part of the Berlinale for the 48th time. The main programme consists of 44 films, 35 of which world premieres. This year’s Special Screenings will be announced in a second press release.

21 years after his directorial debut THE DAY A PIG FELL INTO THE WELL, Korean director Hong Sangsoo makes a more auspicious return to the Forum. GRASS is another cheerfully melancholy story about the guests at a small café whose owner loves classical music. Kim Minhee, who won the Silver Bear for Best Actress in 2017, plays a café regular who always seems to be at the table in the corner writing on her laptop. She repeatedly draws inspiration from what’s happening around her, picking up the threads of the dialogue and spinning them further and sometimes even actively intervening in conversations. Is she perhaps the author of these relationship dramas in miniature, whose stores and themes mirror one another?

january 2018, berlinale forum

13. Forum Expanded — The programme is Complete

The selection for the 13th Forum Expanded programme, which opens at the Akademie der Künste on Hanseatenweg on February 14 under the title “A Mechanism Capable of Changing Itself”, is now complete.

34 film and video works of all lengths and genres together with 15 instal-lations have been invited from a total of 27 countries.

This year’s programme once again includes a variety of works that use documentary techniques to examine and explore the potential for both cinema and music to question, illustrate, analyse and bring about change in such a way that they are capable of intervening in social and political events on the global stage. In so doing, they also expand the very con-cept of the documentary.


january 2018, berlinale forum

Special Birthday Screening: "Streetscapes (Dialogue)"

"Arrowplane stages the multiplication of a panning shot, applied to three landscapes." It was the artist, filmmaker and author Heinz Emigholz’s first film in the Berlinale Forum, back in 1974. A very good start! By 2017, 30 of his works had featured in the Forum or Forum Expanded, each one treating cinema anew. During the 1990s, the UDK's "Experimental filmmaking" series shaped Tuesdays at the Arsenal: The films and pre-screening introductions expanded the space of experimental film into an infinite form of thought, which inspired the 2012 "Think:Film" congress. Since 2008, Emigholz has also been enriching our program with a series of drawings and texts. All of this is more than reason enough to celebrate his 70th birthday by screening his latest film on January 15: STREETSCAPES (Forum 2017).

november 2015, berlinale forum

Forum titles at arsenal distribution

We are happy to announce new arsenal distribution titles from this year’s Berlinale Forum program: BALIKBAYAAN #1 OVERDEVELOPMENT REDUX III by Kidlat Tahimik, COUNTING by Jem Cohen, HOTLINE by Silvina Landsmann, THE DAYS RUN AWAY LIKE WILD HORSES OVER THE HILLS by Marcin Malaszczak and THE FORBIDDEN ROOM by Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson. Kidlat Tahimik will be presenting his new film as part of a retrospective at Arsenal cinema in March 2016.

july 2015, berlinale forum

Forum Expanded Summer Screening: "Out on the Street"

Forum Expanded is presenting a summer screening of Jasmina Metwaly und Philip Rizk's BARRA FEL SHARE' (Out on the Street) at silent green Kulturquartier on July 14.

OUT ON THE STREET (Egypt 2015, 72 mins) is a film about a group of workers from one of Egypt’s working class neighborhoods, Helwan. In the film ten working-class men participate in an acting workshop. Through the rehearsals, stories emerge of factory injustice, police brutality, courts that fabricate criminal charges, and countless tales of corruption and exploitation by their capitalist employers. On a rooftop studio overlooking the heart of Cairo – presented as a space between fact and fiction – the participants move in and out of character as they shape the performance that engages their daily realities. The film interweaves scenes from the workshop, fictional performances, and mobile phone footage shot by a worker intended as evidence for the courts to stop the destruction of his workplace. This hybrid approach aims to engage a collective imaginary, situating the participants and spectators within a broader social struggle.

OUT ON THE STREET premiered as part of this year's Forum Expanded and can currently be seen as part of Jasmina Metwaly’s and Philip Rizk’s contribution to the German Pavillon at the Venice Biennale.

The screening at silent green Kulturquartier will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.

april 2015, berlinale forum

Forum Expanded @ Oberhausen

We are presenting a selection of films that premiered as part of the Forum Expanded 2015 program and are now in our distribution range, at the International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen. WAYWARD FRONDS (USA 2014) by Fern Silva; Isabelle Prim’s CALAMITY QUI? / CALAMITY WHO? (Canada, France 2014); in Marwa Arsanios' HAVE YOU EVER KILLED A BEAR? OR BECOMING JAMILA (Lebanon 2014), the cover pictures of the Egyptian magazine Al-Hilal provide the starting point for a portrait of the Algerian freedom fighter Jamila Bouhired;ORCHARD STREET (USA 1955/2014), the first film by Ken Jacobs, is a document about the bustling Jewish Manhattan neighborhood in which he grew up.

february 2015, berlinale forum

Forum Expanded Think:Film No.3

In collaboration with Allianz Kulturstiftung, Forum Expanded presents a series of talks and panels with the title Think:Film No. 3 at Akademie der Künste.

On Saturday February 7th, this year's theme, "To the Sound of the Closing Door", will be discussed in four keynote presentations followed by several panels on the following days. Concluding, on Thursday February 12, the Think:Film Award will be given to a work from the Forum Expanded programme for the second time.

february 2015, berlinale forum

B-Scheme Films

The Forum presents two fims of the B-Scheme project , an archive project and film programme on film productions for black viewers in 1970s and 1980s South Africa, initiated by Darryl Els as part of "Visionary Archive".

Until the end of the Apartheid era, state funding was granted to numerous so-called B-Scheme films, which were shot by mainly white producers for black audiences. The 1973 gangster film JOE BULLETwas South African producer Tonie van der Merwe’s attempt to conquer a new market. Inspired in equal measure by the black pop culture of the time and the American Blaxploitation genre, Louis de Witt’s action-packed film about a manipulated cup final was one of the first to be shot with an all black cast. JOE BULLET offered its audiences a vision of life that did not correspond to the reality of most black South Africans under Apartheid. Although the film was not overtly political, it was swiftly banned and not screened for an extended period of time. Now this unique work has been restored and can be shown once again. UMBANGO (THE FEUD), directed by Tonie van der Merwe in 1986, is one of the few Westerns still in existence from this period, a typical Wild West story about the battle between good and evil. With the exception of one solitary gringo (who is shot dead at the very beginning), this hugely entertaining film was also shot with an entirely black cast. Director and producer Tonie van der Merwe will be our guest in Berlin for the screening of his films on February 6.

On February 11 Darryl Els will present his project during a "Visionary Archive" panel at the Akademie der Künste. Both films will can be seen again on February 14 and 15.


february 2014, berlinale forum

Think:Film Award for Amie Siegel

The Think:Film Award which was presented as part of Forum Expanded for the very first time this year goes to Amie Siegel for PROVENANCE. The award, established in cooperation with the Allianz Cultural Foundation, honors a work that creatively uses its medium in order to grasp and reflect geopolitical contexts artistically, to broaden the space of aesthetic experience, and to encourage mental changes of perspective. The award includes presentations at the Arsenal in Berlin and at the partner institution Cimatheque - Alternative Film Centre in Cairo. Jury members were Mohamed Beshir (Cairo), Marcel Schwierin (Berlin), Ala Younis (Amman).

february 2014, berlinale forum

Musical Extravaganza by Ja, Panik and Christiane Rösinger

Following the premiere of Georg Tiller's DMD KIU LIDT the members of the portrayed band Ja, Panik as well as Christiane Rösinger, Chris Immler and Maurice Summen will play piano versions of their songs on Friday February 14 at Alter Roter Löwe Rein (Richardstraße 31, Neukölln). Music starts 8 pm sharp.

january 2013, berlinale forum

Out Now: "For Ellen" and "Hiver nomade"

Still from For Ellen

This week, two films from last year’s Forum program, FOR ELLEN and HIVER NOMADE, go on general release. FOR ELLEN, the third film by So Yong Kim following IN BETWEEN DAYS and TREELESS MOUNTAIN, tells the story of an irresponsible rock musician attempting to reconnect with his young daughter after a long absence. Manuel von Stürler’s debut HIVER NOMADE, which recently received the European Documentary Film Prize, accompanies the difficult everyday life of two Swiss shepherds during the winter months.

september 2018

49th Berlinale Forum

The 49th Berlinale Forum will take place from 7-17 February 2019 as part of the 69th Berlinale. Online submission is open until October 31st.