december 2019, berlinale forum

The Berlinale Forum and Forum Expanded Present Their 2020 Anniversary Programme

The Berlinale Forum takes place for the 50th time in 2020. In collaboration with Forum Expanded, the section will be presenting the films shown in the year it was founded to celebrate this anniversary. Bringing the 1971 programme back to the big screen offers a way of examining an era as eventful in society as it was in culture. The relationship between the films, their historical context, and our own present day will form the subject of a day of panel discussions on February 27, 2020.

december 2019, berlinale forum

First Works Confirmed for Forum Expanded

Al-Houbut (The Landing) by Akram Zaatari

The selection of the 15th Forum Expanded is nearly complete. Works already con-firmed include new films by Ana Vaz and Akram Zaatari and installations by Filipa César, Kika Thorne, Joe Namy, Forensic Architecture and The Otolith Group.

Following last year’s successful inaugural show at silent green Kulturquartier, this year’s group exhibition will be taking place there at the underground Betonhalle once again.


november 2019, berlinale forum

Golden Lola for "Fortschritt im Tal der Ahnungslosen"

[Translate to english:] Bild aus Fortschritt im Tal der Ahnungslosen

At this year's German Short Film Award Ceremony, FORTSCHRITT IM TAL DER AHNUNGSLOSEN (Progress in the Valley of the People Who Don't Know) by Florian Kunert has received the special award for medium length films. The award is endowed with 20.000 Euros which are given to the director and the producers Stefan Gieren and Sarah Schreiner in order to develop a a new film project.

FORTSCHRITT IM TAL DER AHNUNGSLOSEN premiered as part of the Forum programme earlier this year.

november 2019, berlinale forum

Cinema Release: "Querência"

On November 21, arsenal distribution is releasing QUERÊNCIA (Homing) by Helvécio Marins Jr., which received its world premiere as part of this year's Forum programme.

The film tells of Marcelo de Sousa, a cowboy in the Brazilian pampa. After he’s unable to prevent a vicious raid on the ranch, which results in a hundred cattle in his charge being stolen, nothing is the same. He becomes depressed and gives up his job. Luckily, he has good friends and a big passion, blossoming in his role as the master of ceremonies at rodeo shows. His rousing rap-style announcements pay homage not only to the cowboy culture but also to the solidarity of the rural community, which has little trust in the country’s political leadership.

The director will be present for screenings in Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin.

february 2019

50th Berlinale Forum

The 50th Berlinale Forum will take place from 20 February - 1 March 2020 as part of the 70th Berlinale. Information about online submissions can be found at the Berlinale...