February 2016, berlinale forum

Forum and Forum Expanded Magazine

We are very happy to be publishing a magazine for the first time this year, which is intended to function as a looser way of getting to know the programme and the ideas behind it, providing supplementary information to both the programme brochure and the Forum film sheets available on our website. The magazine is not about attempting to show the whole picture or supplying the same pieces of information for each film, but rather about giving some spontaneous impressions of the wealth of references that came to mind during the selection process. The print magazine contains relevant images, interviews, background texts, a list of reference films, a far-reaching director’s statement and even some poems, with selected translations of these available on our website. To make your reading experience easier, you will find QR codes and the web addresses of all the available translations in the magazine itself so that you can decide which version you’d prefer to leaf through.

The online version of the magazine can be found here