February 2019, berlinale forum

Think Film No. 7: Archival Constellations

Box with VHS, Betacam and mini-DVs containing visual material from films, documentaries and CCTV, collected by Harun Farocki and Cathy Lee Crane for PRISON IMAGES.

The annual symposium, which takes place in the context of Forum Expanded on February 14, focusses on unexplored, forgotten, or precarious film archives as well as archival projects in different places. Each of them is confronted with local challenges and problems, but they also always touch on global questions, thereby producing surprising connections. This year Think Film is taking place under the umbrella of the Arsenal project “Archive außer sich”, a collaborative series of interdisciplinary research, presentation, and exhibition projects that deal with our film cultural heritage and its archives. The symposium takes place at silent green. All panels, talks and presentations in English.

For more information and the complete programme see here