February 2019, berlinale forum

FIPRESCI Prize for "Die Kinder der Toten"

This year's FIPRESCI prize goes to DIE KINDER DER TOTEN by Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska. The statement by jury members Eithne Mary O’Neill, Suncica Unevska and Ricardo Brunn reads: The actors are amateurs, as well as the directing, the make up looks cheap, the director's didn't even read the novel they were adapting. Everything could have gone wrong with this film, but it did not fail. Instead it brings life to a novel almost impossible to transpose by doing a silent film about the rise of the living dead, which is not only the rise of the repressed past, but also a rise of cinema, using the nearly dead format - super 8, reminiscent of home movies. The result is hilarious, edgy, at times confusing, funny and something not everyone will agree on. But this is cinema: We need to disagree!