February 2018, berlinale forum

Caligari Prize for "La casa lobo"

LA CASA LOBO by Cristóbal León und Joaquín Cociña receives this year's Caligari Award. The jury members were Margarete Wach (film-dienst), Vanessa Elges (Kommunales Kino Saarbrücken) and Peter Link (Kommunales Kino Lingen) Here is what they said: A venture into the unknown is always an adventure and requires courage. Associated e-motions are moving, let dreams come alive and traumata digest. Permanence opens up everlasting metamorphoses rich in detail. Impermanence even takes place in alleged stops. Layers of abstraction offer another kind of historical and political occurrences. Lullabies such as „Sleep Child’s Sleep“ supplementary inspire rumination. A fascination initiated by the variation of Castilian- and German-speaking storylines, a mingling of fairy tales and 10,000ends of individual frames in breathtaking stop-trick with various materials develops a pulling effect for the view in: : LA CASA LOBO.

The Prize, presented by the German Association of Municipal and Cultural Cinemas in cooperation with the the European Filmphilharmonic Institute, includes a €4,000 endowment, half of which is given to the award recipient while the other half is used to fund the distribution of the winning film in Germany.