March 2021, berlinale forum

FIPRESCI Prize for "Esquí"

ESQUÍ by Manque La Banca

This year's prize of the International Federation of Film Critics ("Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique", FIPRESCI) goes to ESQUÍ by Manque La Banca.

The jury consisted of Dieter Wieczorek (France), Lucy Virgen (Mexico) and Ramy Hassan Aldelrazek (Egypt). Their statement reads:

"Esquí invites the spectator to a wide panorama of situations, portraits, landscapes, contexts and even unexplained sequences working as open metaphors in often surprising and challenging images. In this way Manque La Banca bypasses any possible reconstruction of a red line, so spectators easily can get lost. Suddenly he confronts himself with harsh criticism, spoken from off-camera, against a certain kind of contemporary filmmaking. Consequently, he again changes the impact, now offering political context to create an even more complex tableau. Through a brilliant way of editing a key scene mentioned by the off-camera critic, which screens immediately after, followed again by images which are not ending, but opening up new questions and associations, Esqui manages to be an elegant play with complexity."