Sharief Zohairy

Saba' Sanawat Hawl Delta Al-Neel / Seven Years Around The Nile Delta
Egypt 2020

331 min. Arabic.

Delta (Δ) is the symbol of change in the Greek culture and it is the 4th letter in the Phoenician alphabet that links the Greek language to the ancient Egyptian language. During his childhood and adolescence Sharief Zhairy used to travel four times each year, with his father in his car, between Alexandria, where he was studying, and Al-Zarqa, his birthplace. It was a three-hour trip along the agricultural road system that links distant parts of lower Egypt. After a year of the political instability that happened in Egypt, Zohairy got encouraged in 2012 to rediscover the old journey using a Handycam to document the emotional experience of a traveler inside the Nile Delta. The result of his eight-year-long cinematic journey is a mix of road movie and travelogue, contemplating the diversity of thirty-two cities and villages of the Nile Delta and documenting the contemporary daily activities in this ecologically endangered area.

Sharief Zohairy is an independent director, screen writer, and producer based in Alexandria. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, then by the end of 2006 he directed his first short fiction film. Several other film projects followed. Since 2013 he has focused on writing screenplays, two of which have received awards.

Production Sharief Zohairy, Abdullah Dawestashy. Production company Sharief Zohairy's Production (Alexandria, Egypt). Written and directed by Sharief Zohairy. Cinematography Sharief Zohairy. Editing Sharief Zohairy. Sound design Sharief Zohairy. Production manager Sharief Zohairy.


2006: Maybe Switched Off. 2009: Resemblances. 2012: The Journey. 2020: Happening Over Night, Saba' Sanawat Hawl Delta Al-Neel / Seven Years Around The Nile Delta.

Photo: © Sharief Zohairy