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Master Class with Rosa von Praunheim

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Fri 23.09.

As early as his controversial 1971 film ‘It's Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, but the Situation in Which He Lives,’ Rosa von Praunheim mixed elements of narrative and documentary film with a radical and subjective point of view and a socio-political agenda. In the more than 150 films that followed, improvisation and re-enactments have always been an integral part of his cinematic approach, regardless of genre. Von Praunheim is more interested in issues, and far more in the people he puts in front of the camera and inimitably portrays, than in some imagined boundary between fiction and documentary. And his sometimes brash and unpolished aesthetic underscores production methods that are as unconventional as they are indefatigable. In this master class, the director will talk about his view of documentary films and his approach to challenging conventional genre notions. 

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