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Workshop report and screening "Systems and their images"

Film still from A Day in the Life of a Turopolje Peasant Community: A woman in a white dress and a black head scarf is looking through the window of a wooden building into the sky.

Fri 23.09.


Arsenal 1

There are a variety of reasons why public institutions or state-sponsored organizations commission films. They might want to produce propaganda, or take a new look at historical events, or affirm a national identity.

  • Director

    Drago Chloupek

  • Kingdom of Yugoslavia/Croatia / 1933
    26 min. / DCP / Original version with English subtitles

Jedan dan u turopoljskoj zadruzi

Ethnographic film produced by the Croatian School of Public Health, subtitled “A film presentation of the unhealthy living conditions of the late 19th century Croatian peasants.” Members of an actual rural community reenact the dawn-to-dusk daily routines of their ancestors from the previous century, which in fact weren’t all that different from their own at the time of filming. The film won the first prize at the Festival dei Popoli in Florence in 1960, 27 years after it was made.

  • Director

    Dhimitër Anagnosti

  • Albania / 1973
    7 min. / DCP / Original version with English subtitles


Can heartbeats be “reactionary”? Yes, if they are the only audio element on a montage-heavy documentary about the war dead. This film was made just before Enver Hoxha’s cultural purges in 1974. Anagnosti’s formalist, wonderfully edited affair will be shown in its recently restored version.

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