More Films: Everyday Life and a Call for Freedom


Walid Mattar, Tunesia 2003,
Eng. subtitles, 8 min
Young people are waiting to obtain a visa to go to Europe. All their applications are refused. But there must be a solution! A revolution? – This black and white silent movie was shot in just a few hours. The Battleship Potemkin was the departure point of the revolution. Battleship Abdelkrim is what remains for those who will never revolt. The denouement matches the darkest side of reality.

Walid Mattar was born in Tunis in 1980. He has worked as a cameraman and filmmaker. BATTLESHIP ABDELKARIM, shot in 2003, won several awards from national and international film festivals. This debut work was followed by the short documentary film SONS OF THE TUTLE (2005). In 2006, he codirected GOOD MORNING with Laila Bouzid. Other films are the documentary DA GIORGIO (2007), and the fiction TANDID – CONDEMNATIONS.

Omar El Shamy, Egypt 2011, OV, 12 min

They eat, sing and supervise parked cars in Cairo: Nader’s and Karim’s everyday life.

21-year-old Omar El Shamy studies media. He produced his first film in Australia and directed a number of documentaries upon his return to Egypt.

Nadine Khan, Egypt 2006,
Eng. subtitles, 12 min
On a stifling night in Cairo, a wedding party drives across a bridge honking loudly; roaming adolescents comment on people they encounter; two guards play cards while a third sips tea and watches a soap opera. A brief meditation on the arbitrariness, fluidity and intensity of lived experience.

Nadine Khan, an Egyptian filmmaker, holds a BA in film directing from the High Institute of Cinema in Cairo. Khan has worked as an assistant director and producer with several Egyptian directors, such as Yousry Nasrallah, Nabil Ayouch and also her father, Mohammed Khan. She has directed a number of short films and music videos.

May El Hossamy, Egypt 2011, OV, 11 min

She works as a cleaning lady in Greater Cairo, struggling between moving in public and hard work.

May El Hossamy graduated from the faculty of fine arts at Helwan University Cairo and earned a PhD in the same field in France.

Joude Gorani, France/Syria 2005, OV, 13 min

Showing a special and sharp understanding of cinema and life, being precise, and, at the same time, allowing for ambiguity, Gorani looks at the Bardy river. It is the river that has seen the rise of Damascus, the river which her family, writers and historians have used, with its floods and droughts, to reflect the life of Damascus. And now, as the river is drying out, Gorani walks by its banks to discover life around it discretely and with absolutely no allegations.

Joude Gorani studied film in France. Back in Syria she began working in documentary cinema and worked as a director of photography for different filmmakers. She then moved on to feature films, shooting short productions in collaboration with young filmmakers like Joud Said and Suwar Zirkly, followed by long films with Nidal Al-Dabas, Maher Kadu, Joud Said and most recently Abdullatif Abdulhamid. She has a name as one of Syria’s most prominent directors of photography.

Walid Mattar, Tunesia/France 2010,
Eng. subtitles, 15 min
A group of unemployed friends spend their time in a coffee shop in a popular neighborhood of the Tunisian capital. The coffee shop patrons are following a soccer match, commenting and analyzing, when suddenly the Israeli war against Gaza erupts and the comments turn to the event. In a cinematic portrait, the film illustrates what it means to be living as a young man under a despotic regime. Through a cinematic language that is both simple and intricate, it brings out the feeling of restlessness and the absence of the concept of the human citizen, the creative being.

Walid Mattar was born in Tunis in 1980. He has worked as a cameraman and filmmaker. His debut work BATTLESHIP ABDELKARIM (2003) won several awards from national and international film festivals. The ficition TANDID CONDEMNATIONS received the Public’s Prize at the Montpellier Festival and the award for best screenplay at the Tangier Mediterranean Short Film Festival.