More Films: The Personal War


Pamela Ghanimeh, Lebanon/Denmark 2007,
Eng. subtitles, 35 min
With the outbreak of the civil war in 1975, the Christian communities of Haret Hreyk, a neighborhood in Beirut’s southern suburbs, began to move to other neighborhoods. Ghanimeh’s family was among the last ones to leave. In the same period, the area witnessed a construction boom fueled by the displacement of Shiites from the south of the country to Beirut’s suburbs, due to attacks by the Israeli army. For Ghanimeh’s family, all that remains from their life in Haret Hreyk are a few memories.

Pamela Ghanimeh graduated from IESAV in 2003. She has worked with the renowned Lebanese directors Mohammad Soueid and Michel Kammoun. Films written and directed by Ghanimeh include VERY NICE (HELO KTEER, 2002), THE DISTANCE OF A RIDE (MASEFIT TARIK, 2003), A DAY IN MY LIFE (YOM MIN OMRI, 2002) and LEMON FLOWERS (ZAHR EL-LAYMOON, 2007).

Wael Noureddine, France/Lebanon 2005,
Eng. subtitles, 31 min
ÇA SERA BEAU (FROM BEYROUTH WITH LOVE) can be seen as a ‘visual diary,’ or ‘notes on a town.’ Don’t expect to ‘learn’ anything about the Lebanese wars in this film; no talking head appears. You are supposed to feel that people have been pushed down this building you see in the sunset. And thanks to remarkable Super-16 photography, you just might. So, if you have half an hour to visit one of the most interesting cities on earth, just go for it: ÇA SERA BEAU (FROM BEYROUTH WITH LOVE) is a beautiful love letter with a small dose of corny poetry at the end, like a postcard of a building in the sunset.

Waël Noureddine, born in Lebanon in 1978, is a writer, poet and filmmaker who began his professional career as a journalist. His films describe in literary and critical terms real-life situations. They try to capture the physical and mental scars of conflict, resisting subjugation and submission. In 2002 he emigrated to France. In 2009 he started his own production company, More recently, he participated in the Venice Biennale, produced several video installations and directed his fifth short film L’histoire de la drogue.