January 2009

Eclectic Images: Arsenal meets BodhiBerlin

Exhibition and Film Series in the Gallery Jan. 9 – Feb. 3, 2008
curated by Jamila Adeli and Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art e.V.

In addition to an exhibition, five curators and filmmakers present films from and about India as a real, virtual or projected place. This exchange of images is the start of a cooperation that we will continue within the frame of Forum expanded at the 59th Berlinale.

7 ISLANDS AND A METRO (Madushree Dutta, India 2006) tells the story of the city of Bom Bahia / Bombay / Mumbai by interweaving fiction, cinéma-vérité, found footage and literary texts. (Jan. 10, presented by Nicole Wolf, & Jan. 11)

In JOHN & JANE (India 2005), Ashim Ahluwalia accompanies six call-centre agents in Bombay. A combination of observing documentation and tropical science-fiction. (Jan. 16, presented by Alexandra Schneider, & Jan. 17)

Merle Kröger and Philip Scheffner (pong) show their film INDIA IN MIND (D 2006) that gives a view of the desire that Europe projects onto India. In ES EXPRESS – TOUR B: EINBAU (D 2003), activists from Berlin and Bombay take a critical tour of Berlin, from Tempelhof to Marzahn. (Jan. 23, Merle Kröger & Philip Scheffner will be present, & Jan. 24)

The series is concluded by three films of Dorothee Wenner. DER FRAUENZUG VON BOMBAY (D/India 1999), a women's train, travels every day across Bombay’s railway network. In SHANTI PLUS (D /India 2006), Wenner and Urmi Juvekar visit Arambol in the north of Goa, a kind of pilgrimage site for hippies. In an episode of UNSER AUSLAND (D 2002), an Indian architect reflects on German "Gemütlichkeit" (snugness). (Jan. 30, Dorothee Wenner will be present, & Jan. 31)

All events will take place in Galerie BodhiBerlin, Halle am Wasser, Invalidenstr. 50–51 (always at 7 p.m.). www.bodhiart.in. In cooperation with Jamila Adeli (BodhiBerlin).