August 2009

The Arsenal presents: The Temporäre Kunsthalle Open Air Summer Cinema

Between July 15th and September 9th every Wednesday at 9.30pm on the terrace of the restaurant Friedrich (in case of bad wheather inside!) at the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin, Alexanderstraße 1. Service charge: 3€. All films with english subtitles if not in english OV.

Each Wednesday from July 15 to September 9 at 9:30 pm the Temporäre Kunsthalle presents nine evenings with films and videos from the program of arsenal distribution.
Chapter 1 is dedicated to different scenarios (and scenes) from the fields of art, performance and theater. The difference between theory and practice engenders stories that are turned into screenplays. Their protagonists deal with rules and surfaces, creating their own scenes in which they move like game pieces.
Chapter 2 is comprised of films exploring the real. The program starts with animal films that become studies of human communication and ends with cinematic analyses of social production processes – the staging of a lunch break in a dockyard in Sharon Lockhart’s film, as well as the production of bread and bricks in the films of Anna Linder and Harun Farocki.

program (chapter 2):

August, 19 2009, 9.30 pm
Sweetgrass Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Ilisa Barbash / USA 2009 / OG / 115 min.

August 26, 2009, 9.30 pm
Zählen! Judith Hopf / Germany 2008 / OV / 5 min.
I went to the zoo the other day Luo Li / Canada 2009 / OV / 67 min.

September 02, 2009, 9.30 pm
Lunch Break Sharon Lockhart / USA 2008 / OV / 83 min.

September 09, 2009, 9.30 pm
cum pane - the one you share your bread with Anna Linder / Sweden 2002 / OmE / 8 min.
Zum Vergleich Harun Farocki / Germany 2009 / OG (O: Hindi) / 61 min.