July 2010

Giravolte - Freewheeling in Roma

by Carola Spadoni, Release date: 12.08.2010

An city adventure film shot in Cinemascope and set in present day Rome. Victor Cavallo, a ranging Roman who forms the film’s roving protagonist, comes across four guys who live in a shack under the Testaccio Bridge. This idyllic set-up is interrupted by the arrival of two girls, who get into an immediate argument with the men until an attempted suicide on the banks of the Tiber ends up distracting them all… Radio Punto Zero, the radio station created for the film, broadcasts a whole range of different sounds to accompany the film: moments of silence four minutes and 33 seconds in length inspired by John Cage, ridiculous reports about fashion and design, authentic sounding messages, a rallying-call in defense of free time and some of the amazing adventures of Egidio, a lonely traveler. Adventures full of every-day absurdities, far away from work, rent, mobile phones, cars and families.

Lyrical adventures, conflicts, playful resistance, loneliness, tragedy, music. It's all about using the energy of the sideways glance, as suggested by Duchamp. The protagonist Victor Cavallo, the other people on the fringes and in the central strip of the metropolis – niches of resistance, which people share, where they live and die. Some are surfers, while others are castaways of day and night.

Giravolte - Freewheeling in Roma

Country / Year: Italy 2001, Format: 35 mm, color, CinemaScope, Running time: 85 minutes, Frame rate: 24p, Language: Italian with German subtitles, Release date: 12.08.2010

Script: Carola Spadoni, Graziano Misuraca, Cinematography: Giulio Pietromarchi, Paolo Carnera, Stefano Moser, Producer: Gianluca Arcopinto, Cast: Victor Cavallo, Danilo Giannini, Vincenzo Pietroiaco, Moritz Alioto, Massimo De Santis