December 2010

La bocca del lupo

by Pietro Marcello, Release Date: 21.10.2010

If we never tire of seeing love stories in the cinema, it must be to do with the unfathomable secret of how different times and places play a role in how scripts are written.

The love story between the transsexual Mary and Enzo, a Sicilian with a moustache and a heart of gold, started in prison and takes its course in Genoa's harbor district, a world that is close to disappearing. Pietro Marcello also sets a parallel plot in the same district, which documents and reconstructs the lives of Mary and Enzo in a simultaneously truthful and fictitious manner.

Combining scenes from today and images from the past that Marcello found in various public and private treasure chests, La bocca del lupo uncovers a city both melancholy and audacious, where the women at the bars speak in voices nearly as deep of those of the men with whom they drink and where those stranded there have never been able to escape the unreal, forgotten places of the harbor. It's as if Genoa's harbor district actually invented the love story between Mary and Enzo. Pietro Marcello has reconstructed this love story in the form of a script for a documentary, which uses distinctive music, memories and archive material to bring a barely visible past back to life.

Caligari Prize 2010 Teddy for Best Documentary 2010
FIPRESCI Prize & Prize of the City of Turin for Best Film – Turin Film Festival 2010


Country / Year: Italy 2009, Running time: 75 minutes, Format: 35mm (shot on DV), Language: Italian with German subtitles, Release date: 21.10.2010

Script, director, cinematography: Pietro Marcello, Cast: Vincenzo Motta, Mary Monaco, Narrator: Franco Leo, an Indigo Film & L’Avventurosa Film production.