December 2010

Our database is online!

The Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art's 'living archive' can now be researched online. Also now available online for research and for download are the complete catalogue entries of all films shown at the Forum since its foundation in 1971.

The moment has arrived: Our film database is now online ( It contains around 8,000 films and videos from our collection and distribution, which since the inception of the association in 1963 have been included in the collection from the Berlinale Forum program and the work of Kino Arsenal. Movies from all over the world, in all lengths and genres, reflect international history and the present from the viewpoint of an institution that is close to fifty years old. Some of the films and videos can be borrowed, while others can be viewed on site. The film database is currently being built up and contains only limited image material or information on the content and context of the works. We are working on successively expanding this offer.
To access the database, please follow this link:

And there is more: The film PDFs for all the films ever shown at the Forum are now available online for download. All of the material produced for the Forum films from 1971 to 2002 has been digitalised and can now be found under archive on the Forum website: