October 2011

"Bad o meh"

by Mohammad Ali Talebi, opens October 20, 2011

Film stills from Bad o meh

When Sahand’s father gets a job on an oil rig, the family has to move from Iran’s fertile north to the hot, arid south. Soon afterwards, war breaks out with Iraq. Seven-year-old Sahand is at home with his mother when she is killed by a bomb. He survives but goes into shock. Unable to cope, his father takes him and his 12-year-old sister Shooka back to their home village to stay with their grandfather. The idea is that the calm and beauty of the north will help Sahand get over his trauma, but he finds it tough. On top of this, he is picked on by the other children in the village. One day, he discovers a wounded wild goose near a close-by lake. Its feathers remind him of the white dress his mother was wearing the day she died. Although his grandfather forbids him from looking after it, Sahand sneaks out at night to find the goose.

The film has been certified by the German Board of Film Classification (FSK) as suitable for persons six years or older.



"Mohammad Ali Talebi’s masterpiece, “Wind and Fog,” is the third work by the director to find its way into the Berlinale’s children’s program since 1995." (FAZ)

"BAD O MEH is an outstanding anti-war film. The Iranian director Mohammad Ali Talebi uses arresting images to tell his story…" (Der Tagesspiegel)

"’I want to show how much children suffer from war,’ the director has said. He succeeds with this film in a quiet and haunting manner… The contradictions that are shown in the work are not only a pleasure in aesthetic terms but also because of their rich visual imagery. Nature is peaceful and soothing, but also commanding and forbidding. The oil of the south, symbolized by blazing torches, contradicts sharply with the calm of the green forests and lakes in the north." (paperblog.com)

Sixth-graders’ comments on the film :

"A great film, full of feeling. The topic was war and how people feel when a war is on." (Enes)

"You really become cleverer by seeing the film. It was good that the sister helped her brother. I thought it was terrible when the children picked on Sahand." (Loay)

"It was really a film for adults because there were a lot of older people in it too. The worst for me was when the little brother, Sahand, was lying on the ground, in the forest." (Dilara)

"I really liked the film because it was so emotional. It was sad and I like sad films." (Pascal)

"The film was sad and beautiful. Sad because the little boy was so unhappy, like a little brother. But the film was also beautiful because the sister, Shooka, didn’t leave her brother in the lurch. quot; (Mahmoud)


Country/Year: Iran 2011, Length 74 Min., Format 35mm, 1:1.85, Colour, Language: Farsi with subtitles
Screenplay, Director & Costume Design: Mohammad Ali Talebi, based on the novel "Summer And White Goose" by Mojgan Shakhi, Camera: Ali Mohammad Ghasemi, Editor: Hassan Hassandoost, Sound Design: Mohammad Reza Delpak, Sound Recording: Ahmad Salehi, Composer: Mohammad Reza Darvishi, Producer: Naser Dehghani Poudeh

The release and tour of the film are supported by the "Cinema fairbindet" award, donated by the Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)

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