September 2011

New on "Transmission"

Still from Transmission

Starting on September 1st Harun Farocki’s Single Channel Installation TRANSMISSION ("Übertragung", Germany 2007) is available on The video film subjects Zurich’s Calvinist / Zwinglian heritage, its fetishism of commodities and money and the various secular and historical disruptions it has had to content with to an international cultural comparison. The video work explores ritualized gestures, documenting the different types of behavior, with a particular emphasis on hand movements, that people employ when confronted with places of remembrance, memorials or even still images. All of these rituals, whether casual, part of everyday life, or of a sacred nature, are united by the fact that they seek to touch upon something untouchable, give the spiritual physical form and make the intangible tangible.

The following films are also still available for streaming on our VoD channel: BULGARIA OF ALL PLACES (Germany/Bulgaria 2006) by Christo Bakalski, SUNNY LAND (Germany, South Africa 2010) by Aljoscha Weskott and Marietta Kesting, SUPER ART MARKET (Germany 2009) by Zoran Solomun and Angelika Levi’s films MEIN LEBEN TEIL 2 (Germany 2003) und ABSENT PRESENT (Spain, Senegal, Germany 2010).

Over the coming months, we will continue to expand the range of films available for streaming. Our VoD-Channel can be found at: