April 2012

New on realeyz.tv: "Aufnahme"

Stills from Aufnahme

We are delighted to present Stefan Landorf‘s multi-layered debut AUFNAHME (EMERGENCY ROOM) on our VOD channel at realeyz.tv. The director – a former doctor himself – turns his attention to a Berlin hospital. Medical terms such as ward visits, doctor’s rounds, anamnesis, clinical patterns can also be applied to the film’s structure, which makes the institution appear like an organism being given a check up and prodded in various ways.

Landorf does not use any long shots, looking out instead for the tiniest details, often framing the patients – as objectified bodies – by zooming in on them. The doctors in the neurology ward do not make hasty diagnoses, their opinions seem hazy, situations are unraveled and then translated into a "secret" medical language. At the same time, AUFNAHME goes into the hidden services parts of the building, evoking a sense that the goings-on here simultaneously keep the body of the hospital alive, supporting its circulation. The elaborate soundtrack also translates this principle acoustically, providing a concert made up of the clinic’s rhythmic noises.

The following films are also still available for streaming on our VOD channel: AFTER EFFECT by Stephan Geene, LIFETIMESHORT by Gesine Danckwart, Harun Farocki's TRANSMISSION (Germany, 2007), BULGARIA OF ALL PLACES (Germany/Bulgaria 2006) by Christo Bakalski, SUNNY LAND (Germany, South Africa 2010) by Aljoscha Weskott and Marietta Kesting, SUPER ART MARKET (Germany 2009) by Zoran Solomun and Angelika Levi’s films MEIN LEBEN TEIL 2 (Germany 2003) and ABSENT PRESENT (Spain, Senegal, Germany 2010).

Over the coming months, we will continue to expand the range of films available for streaming. Our VoD-Channel can be found at www.realeyz.tv/en/channels/arsenal-kino.html