December 2012

New at ARTE Creative: ".Tracing" (".Spurnahme")

Since last February, a selection of films from the arsenal distribution range has been available at ARTE Creative, an interactive platform that also encompasses experimental film and video work. Newest addition is .TRACING (.SPURNAHME) by Juliane Henrich. .TRACING is a film about „imagined memory“ related to a place – an area in the center of Berlin that used to be a prussian drillground in the 19th century before, in 1951, the socialist GDR-government built the „Stadium of the World’s Youth“ on it – a site for sport-events and political manifestations adjacent to the border with West-Berlin. Currently the German Intelligence Service is errecting its new headquarters on the same ground. A female narrator talks to an absent counterpart and intertwines different layers of time and perspectives of remembering.

Still available for streaming are: SYNCPOINT by Isabell Spengler, KOSMOS by Thorsten Fleisch, RETURN, RETURN by Lior Shamriz, ONCE UPON A SIDEWALK by Gheith Al-Amine, DIE KUNSTRECHNUNGSLIEBENDE SOCIETÄT by Doro Carl, THE YELLOW WALLPAPER by Katrin Pesch, I'VE HEARD THREE STORIES by Marwa Arsanios, TRIANGULUM by Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn, BÄRBEL ERZÄHLT EINEN FILM by Karl Heil, FOUND CUBAN MOUNTS by Adriana Salazar Arroyo and PASSING SUBURBIA by Justin Time und Christine Woditschka.

More information about the films as well as the films themselves can be found on the arte Creative site via the Partners menu (Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art) or directly at