October 2013

Digital versions of Ulrike Ottinger's films are now available for distribution!

Stills from Dorian Gray im Spiegel der Boulevardpresse und Johanna d'Arc of Mongolia



We're very pleased to announce that most of Ulrike Ottinger's films are now available in digital format (DCP and/or Blu-ray.) "With her films, Ulrike Ottinger has re-invented the theatrical and ethno-poetic capturing and description of the Other in film and in a playful manner literally quashed the difference between European and non-European cultures, as well as between feature and ethnographic cinema. [...] Her work is captivating in the beautiful way it combines seriousness and cheerfulness, rigor and poetry, epos and lightness, myth and history, and tradition and modernity." (Hans-Jürgen Heinrichs)

Freak Orlando (OV, Engl. and Span. subtitles. Blu-ray Disc & DCP)
Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia (OV, Engl. subtitles. Blu-ray Disc & DCP)
Ticket of No Return. Aller - Jamais Retour (OV, French and Engl. subtitles. Blu-ray Disc & DCP)
Dorian Gray in the Mirror of the Yellow Press
(OV; Engl., French, German and Spanish subtitles. Blu-ray Disc & DCP)
Southeast Passage(German/English. Blu-ray Disc)
China. The Arts - The People (German/English. DCP)
Ester – Ein Purimspiel in Berlin (German OV.  Blu-ray Disc)
The Specimen (German/English. Blu-ray Disc)
Superbia - The Pride (OV, Engl. and French subtitles. Blu-ray Disc)
Still Moving (without dialogue. Blu-ray Disc)
Usinimage (German OV. Blu-ray Disc)
The Korean Wedding Chest (German and Engl. Version. DCP)
China. The Arts - The People
(German and Engl. Version. Blu-ray Disc)

Exile Shanghai, Berlinfever - Wolf Vostell and Laokoon and Sons (Blu-ray Disc & DCP) to follow early 2014.

You can find more information in our film data base or at www.ulrikeottinger.com