February 2014

New: "All Divided Selves"

Still from All Divided Selves

We're very glad to now be able to distribute Luke Fowler’s ALL DIVIDED SELVES (UK 2011). The British artist and filmmaker is renowned for his film portraits of radical figures. In ALL DIVIDED SELVES, he examines the ideas and intellectual heritage of the Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing (1927-1989), a leading figure and guru of the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s. In “The Politics of Experience/ The Bird of Paradise”, which has now become a classic, Laing defines normality as being the adjustment to the mystification of an alienating and depersonalizing world. Fowler supplements the dense, lyrical collage of the archive material with his own filmic observations. On the soundtrack, he combines dynamic field recordings with music by Éric La Casa, Jean-Luc Guionnet and Alasdair Roberts.