May 2014

New: "Manakamana", "Prabhat pheri" and "The Weight of Elephants"



We are happy to have the following three films new in our distribution range: MANAKAMANA (Nepal, USA 2013) by Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez, PRABHAT PHERI / JOURNEY WITH PRABHAT (India 2014) by J. Sadana and S. Dixit, presented in this year's Forum Special Screenings and THE WEIGHT OF ELEPHANTS (NZ, DK 2013) by Daniel Joseph Borgman from last year’s Forum.

High above a jungle in Nepal, pilgrims, tourists and animals all make an ancient journey by cable car to worship at the legendary Manakamana temple.
The film, which consists of 11 uncut shots — each 10 to 11 minutes long, or a 400-foot roll of 16-millimeter film. Like "Leviathan" and "Sweetgrass", MANAKAMANA was developed with the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard University. (DCP, 118 min., Nepali, English, OV with English subtitles)

With the curiosity of a true cinephile, the film explores the history of the compound in Pune where the legendary studios of the Prabhat Film Company once stood – and the ways in which this place, now home to the National Film Archive and film school, was defended against forces hostile to film. The film tells of the Maharaja who offered his palace as a film set but wanted to act as director in exchange; of the treasure trove of silver nitrate negatives rediscovered under the stairs and the current film student protests; of a director reborn as a snake, the unrivalled improvisational talent of Indian film historians and quirky film set workers and famous directors. The film itself is a treasure chest brimming with film historical gems, whose beauty can be appreciated by laypeople and experts alike. (DCP, 89 min, Hindi, Englisch, Marathi, OV with English subtitles)

New Zealand forms the backdrop for this universal story about friendship and loneliness - for adults and those who have never wanted to grow up. Adrian’s mother abandoned him when he was very young and he is bullied at school. Neither his chronically depressed uncle nor his overworked grandmother understand the ten-year-old’s games. His playful, dreamy imagination distracts him from everyday life. Just as news arrives that three children are missing, a new family moves in next door. Adrian develops a close relationship to their tomboyish, ten-year-old daughter Nicole and believes he is getting close to solving the mystery of the missing children. (DCP, 35mm, 89 min, English, OV with German subtitles)