october 2021, distribution news

New digital restoration: "De Cierta Manera" (One Way or Another)

by Sara Gómez

DE CIERTA MANERA describes life in a poor neighborhood in post-revolutionary Cuba. The values and role models of those living there haven’t changed since the construction of new housing; a new society cannot be created on demand. Yolanda, an elementary school teacher, and Mario, who works in an omnibus factory, become a couple. While Yolanda strives for a pedagogical approach that integrates marginalized students, causing a conflict with her colleagues and the parents, Mario finds it difficult to let go of patriarchal role models. Their contrary ideals also put the relationship to the test, while at the same time critically reflecting the process of social transformation.

august 2021, distribution news


by Sofie Benoot, Liesbeth De Ceulaer & Isabelle Tollenaere

Over the course of two years in California City, a huge, eerie planned city in the desert that is cut off from Los Angeles by a mountain range, Victoria unfolds, en passant, a city map that eludes orientation: we see time passing, sandy streets being tended to, kids on their way to school and hanging out. Out of documentary images and phone videos taken by Warren, the protagonist, virtual views and a voiceover of his diary entries, an image of the city and a city of images are formed in parallel. The construction of reality becomes visible here, as does its potential for the poetic: a turtle race in the desert sand, fountains that gush from burst pipes, memories of Los Angeles surfacing during a virtual stroll with Google Maps, black holes as gateways to another galaxy.