July 2017, distribution news

New: "For Ahkeem"

by Jeremy S. Levine, Landon Van Soest

Daje is seventeen, and just as unruly and caught up in her own thoughts as others of her age the world over. We only realise her future hangs in the balance when we see her go to juvenile court with her mother: she’s been expelled from school for rebelliousness and has just one last chance to get back on track. Yet the true gravity of her situation only gradually becomes clear: such as when we see the many names of her friends written on her notebook followed by R.I.P. and a recent date, or when Daje talks to her boyfriend about whether she – or he – might also die so young. FOR AHKEEM explores the cosmos of a young black woman in St. Louis, Missouri, not far from Ferguson, where Michael Brown was shot in August 2014. The film adheres to a strictly personal perspective to recount her upbringing in today’s United States and show the predetermined paths open to her – lined as they are with barricaded brick buildings. But it also reveals Daje’s talent at avoiding the pitfalls of being either a victim or a model student, while evolving into an impressive film protagonist – of a documentary that depicts her complicated life more in the style of a poignant feature than a social reportage. (Dorothee Wenner)

Homepage and Trailer: forahkeemfilm.com

“Masterful...shows us the undeniable power of cinema." Huffington Post

“One of the most powerful documentaries ever crafted about the current nature of race relations in America.”Toronto Film Scene

“Up-close, slice-of-life documentary."New York Times

“For Ahkeem is THE millennial documentary on Black girlhood"Jet

“This verite doc about a St. Louis teen offers compellingly humane proof of the fact that Black lives matter”IndieWire

“A quietly impactful documentary with the texture of a narrative feature.”The Hollywood Reporter

Jeremy S. Levine was born in 1984 in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA. He studied at Ithaca College in New York State until 2006. In 2006, he co-founded the Transient Pictures production company in Brooklyn, along with Landon Van Soest. The two founded the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective the following year.

Landon Van Soest
was born in 1981 in Denver, Colorado, USA. He studied Film and Photography at Ithaca College in New York State from 2000 until 2004. In 2006, he co- founded the Transient Pictures production company in Brooklyn, along with Jeremy S. Levine. The two founded the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective the following year.

Forum Section - International Film Festival Berlin 2017 - World Premiere
Sheffield Doc Film Festival 2017 - UK Premiere
Tribeca Film Festival 2017
DOK.fest München 2017
Hot Docs 2017
Zone Portuaires Film Festival - French Premiere
Doxa Documentary Film Festival
Doc Edge Film Festival - New Zealand Premiere

Land/Year: USA, 2017. Format: DCP. Length: 89 Min. Language: Englisch. Language version: OV with German subtitles. Director: Jeremy S. Levine, Landon Van Soest. Director of Photography: Nicholas Weissman. Editor: Lily Henderson. Music: Noah Bennett Cunningam. Sound Design: John Moros, Rich Bologna. Producers: Iyabo Boyd, Nicholas Weissman, Jeremy S. Levine. Produced by: Iyabo Boyd (New York, USA), Weissman Studio (New York, USA), Transient Pictures (New York, USA). World Premier: February 12, 2017, Berlinale Forum