October 2021, distribution news

New digital restoration: "De Cierta Manera" (One Way or Another)

by Sara Gómez

DE CIERTA MANERA describes life in a poor neighborhood in post-revolutionary Cuba. The values and role models of those living there haven’t changed since the construction of new housing; a new society cannot be created on demand. Yolanda, an elementary school teacher, and Mario, who works in an omnibus factory, become a couple. While Yolanda strives for a pedagogical approach that integrates marginalized students, causing a conflict with her colleagues and the parents, Mario finds it difficult to let go of patriarchal role models. Their contrary ideals also put the relationship to the test, while at the same time critically reflecting the process of social transformation.

DE CIERTA MANERA was the first Cuban feature-length film by a woman director, and at the same time it was Gómez’s last film.

Sara Gómez (* November 1943 in Havanna; † June 1974 in Havanna) studied literature, piano and ethnography before turning to cinema. In 1961 she started working for the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC). Here she worked as assistant director alongside Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Jorge Fraga and Agnès Varda (Salut les cubains, 1963). 1962 she shot her first short Plaza Vieja.

DE CIERTA MANERA (One Way or Another)
Land: Cuba. Year: 1974. Format: DCP. Length: 73 min. Language: Spanisch. Language version: OV with english subtitles. Cast: Mario Balmaseda (Mario), Yolanda Cuéllar (Yolanda), Mario Limonta, Isaura Mendoza, Bobby Carcases, Sarita Reyes